Thursday, April 23, 2009

A wonderful gift

While I was sewing today, dad dropped a small package off on the table. I had no clue, he thought it was something from Ebay.

It was a beautiful card and two pendants one of the readers of this blog, sent to both of us in rememberance of Drayke's first birthday which is coming up on Tuesday. I just broke down. The thought was so touching and wonderful, I was overwhelmed as was dad. We held onto each other as we cried at the beauty of the gifts. 2 hearts in pure silver, each bearing Drayke's name and date of birth. On mine are 3 crystals representing his birthstone, diamond, and the 3 of us together. Just incredible. I have them safe in Drayke's urn until I put them on chains. I dont know why but that just felt right.

I want to thank you Lora. Yes, they will be worn and loved. Iam speechless at your caring. Hugs to you & yours.


inkprincess said...

Gorgeous! I have been thinking of you tons as his bday approaches.

Three Amazing Kids said...

That is so sweet. You are in our thoughts and prayers as his birthday approaches.

Lora, Chuck, and Winter said...

You are welcome. It was an honor to make them for you, and I am so pleased you like them.

Anonymous said...

those are so lovely! we've thought of you guys often, as others have, as his birthday comes near.