Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have a safe holiday

These are some pics Drayke grandma took while she visited him during Christmas last year. She was so proud of him and she loved his little sneakers. She just thinks they were the most adorable shoes ever.


Michelle said...

God bless you for keeping your blog going! I too, have had a lengthy experience with NICU. Two of my children were born with severe problems. Mary, in 2001, with spina bifida ( and she is, thankfully, a thriving 8 year old girl today ) and Samuel, born with a neuromuscular disorder of unknown etiology, lived for 10 months. Samuel was in the NICU for more than two months and in and out of the hospital throughout his short life. I am a Midwife and Spiritual Director, and a blogger and writer in other media, who is very interested in supporting parents who have had babies born with serious problems and for parents who are expecting babies diagnosed prenatally with conditions believed to be incompatible with life outside the womb ( I work as a perinatal hospice doula through several local hospice organizations ) so, stories like yours are courageous testimonies and so hopeful to other parents who are going through such a trying time; please know that your writing truly helps and is needed. I will link to you from my blog; I am currently putting together several lists of blogs and websites on different parenting topics and you can be sure that many of my readers will find there way here for support and strength. Your son lives on in the work you're doing here; bless you. Michelle

thethinwhtduke said...

she's right... those shoes are adorable! still thinking of you guys.

melissa and liam