Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another big step today

I have some NICU moms on my FaceBook that I know either personally or thru those I do know. Tiffany had a son the day I was admitted into Centennial. He was born at 23 weeks and died nine days later due to Nec. She is now 28 weeks with another son and I have been keeping up with her worries about this pregnancy.

As you know I still have a lot of Drayke's things. A few items we sold to a second hand shop in Brentwood but it just never felt right. I have thought about listing some items on Marshall County Free Cycle but I really wanted Drayke's things to go to someone who would really understand where I was coming from in my thinking. Tiffany fits the bill perfectly. I let her know that I had a brand new Graco travel system and Fisher Price swing that she could have if she wanted them.

She and her parents came by today after church. It was a very emotional first meeting. I had been in Drayke's room crying, trying to get some items together for them when they arrived. She came in and we held onto each other for a few minutes and just started talking like we were old friends. We talked a lot about Drayke and our stay at Centennial. Her parents mentioned a few times that if I wasnt ready or if I have any remorse about letting these things go not to hesitate to let them know and they will bring them back. I told them not to worry, they are theirs now. I also added in my silly way that if I do happen to adopt a baby to keep things in good condition after Salem is done with them because I may need them then.

Anything can happen. I cant keep beating myself up convincing myself that I will never have another child. I want one. I am a good mama. I have a lot of love to give a child.

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dana said...

I did not know that you did this for Tiffany. I'm surprised she didn't let me know. We have grown so fond of Tiffany since those days at Centennial. JD and Samuel were next to each other while there. I think its great what you are doing and while it may be difficult for you just know that you couldn't have picked a better person to give those items too.