Monday, August 17, 2009

A very sad day

Back on August 18th of last year a little girl was brought into Centennial NICU directly across from Drayke. She had been born the day before due to an emergency C-section. Being very premature she weighed 1 pound 4 ounces, almost the exact same weight as Drayke when he was born. I remember how frightened her mother, Nikki, was. I asked her to come over to Drayke's bed and look at how much progress he had made in his four months, weighing almost 8 pounds.

Payton has been at Vanderbilt for the last several months. Sucessfully had a trach and g-tube put in. She also had some surgeries on her eyes due to her extreme prematurity. She has been off nitric and has been on a home vent for the last week preparing to go home today, her first birthday. She was doing so good.

The powers that be had different plans. Some time late last night she passed away. I dont know the details & probably never will. Most can only imagine what it is like to have fought for so long for the life of your child. To see the light at the end of the long NICU tunnel only to have your very being yanked away from you.

I am beyond sad. This is devastating. Here is a child who's family constantly prayed over her, had such faith and this happens. For this to happen on her birthday AND the day she was to go home. I find that the powers that be, god/s, the fates, whatever, are intentionally cruel.

Why is it crack whores can punch out babies, not give a damn whether they live or die except for the check they bring in and yet women who would gladly give their own lives so their child could live watch the love of their life die in their arms? It's not fair. It's not right.

This has to end. Please support the March of Dimes and your local childrens hospital, especially if they are a research facility like Vanderbilt, St Louis Childrens, Pittsburgh Childrens, etc. Some day there will be a way to deal with prematurity complications and prevent these senseless deaths.


Anonymous said...

That is incredibly sad and a twist of fate that does seem cruel. I think if there is a higher power he or she is not truly cruel, but the fates assigned to us are certainly confusing at times, and this is one of those times. That poor little girl and her family.

Erin B. from VA said...

Oh gosh - I'm so sorry to hear such sad news! I'll be thinking of her sweet, brave family... just as I continue to think of Drayke's wonderful family.

(((gentle hugs)))